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Product Actions Add to bag. So I met with him. He loved the script and he wanted to do it. We had to walk away and we had a lot of other great actors in the interim that we tried to get it off the ground with. It was meant to be and it was great for him too. In the process of seven years he had aged, just had a baby, getting divorced and getting married. The life experience he had experienced through those times gave him much more information from life to inform the performance. So I think he was in a better position to play the part.

It was an aligning of the stars. It was finally meant to be made now. Who financed the film?

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Fairly common financing structure of the film. It was part equity, which came from one of our producers named Chuck Pacheco. He put in about half the money. The other half of the money was a debt financer company. Essentially two entities.

Roughly how much did it cost? But here is what I can say. Every film — no-one ever has enough time or enough money. Maise Williams is incredible in this.

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What was she like to work with? We were so fortunate to have connected with her and that she agreed to do the film and so grateful for her support of the film, [and her] enthusiasm and commitment. There was nobody on that set more prepared more professional… She is inquisitive.

She is an amazing actress and she has incredible instinct. What do you think a viewer will get from this film? I hope for a couple of hours you are transported to a different experience, different world. You experience all these different feelings and emotions and get lost in it.

Then afterwards hopefully it stays with you. What do you love most about directing?

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The collaborative nature. I love the interaction when you start getting a lot of creative people together, actors, craftsman, and artists.

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When you get them all in the room. The best films come when you are open to other ideas. Directors will always get the credit but the truth is great films are often built from a thousand great ideas from a thousand different people. What projects do you have lined up next?