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She opened her mouth to answer his question, but what she really said surprised herself.

Wings to Fly

She swallowed and struggled out of her seat, but her knees shook so hard, she almost lost her balance. Cathy took a deep breath. For some reason, it sounded like a sob. She had no time to cry now.

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She had to get to the interview in time, if it was the last thing she did. Afterwards, she might look back and take stock. Not now. He bent down to her and forced her to meet his eyes. Though she was standing now, he still towered over her.

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  8. His sun-bleached hair flopped forward into his face. Beneath his sun-tan, he was pale, and there was a mixture of fury and concern in those lion eyes. She shook her head, feeling nothing. It was as if she was standing next to herself, watching herself and commenting on everything, while the real self was numb. He had a compelling voice. Like whiskey. Yes, if whiskey could speak, it would have such a voice. She gave a start. He had asked her something. Step by step, things started to feel more real. Screwing her eyes together against the blinding sun—her sun-glasses must have fallen off—she tried to take in the situation.

    The monster was a van.

    Wings To Fly

    It was parked at the other side of the road. The sun glistened on its clean windows which reflected the light. Well, it was a giant compared to her little yellow Honda Civic. Cathy stared down the street. Thank God she had turned into a smaller side street, of Mercer, just a minute before the accident, in her effort to get a better orientation by following the silhouette of the Space Needle. She whirled back to retrace the route of the accident. Her small Honda faced back in the direction where she had come from, having spun around after the impact.

    It stood halfway on the sidewalk, as if she had parked at a rakish angle. At least not today.

    Then she saw it too. The van had driven into the side of the Honda, crushing the metal of the fender straight into the tire. The black rubber material wobbled around the rim, good for nothing.

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    His lion eyes seemed to assess her. She shook her head, impatient. When he smiled back, a dimple deepened in his left cheek. It transformed his lean face and gave him a charm she found irresistible. I could drive you there; it would not be a problem. Maybe it was his smile; maybe it was because she was still rattled. She heard herself say.

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    Wings To Fly. Romance Beate Boeker. Full Length Book. Reviews Beate has written a marvelously uplifting tale where the characters draw you in and you want them to have all the good things life has to offer. The bricks were red.

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